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The ultimate solution for efficient finance.

Experience the difference risk-free. Committed to your success, let's make history together.


Quality that delivers,

every time.



Our distinctive edge lies in fostering unparalleled relationships with clients, offering not just financial advice but a personalized journey toward your solution.


Top Talent 

We primarily recruit and hire ex-Big 4 CPAs, assembling a team of high-I.Q. and personable all-stars. Our commitment to excellence ensures you're served by top-tier professionals at every interaction.


Your Choice

Making us your partner is your choice. Our commitment goes beyond mere service and box-checking; it's a partnership dedicated to unraveling your problems and steering you toward success.


Bridging the gap between Finance & IT to Optimize System Design, Implementation, & Maintenance in Alignment with Corporate Leadership Initiatives

Multi-tenet ERP Implementation | Finance Support & Training

Power BI Implementation | Finance Support & Training

Corporate System Design & Implementation

IT Advisory

Technical Accounting

Financial Audit Testing & Facilitation

Internal Audit & Controls

Team Continuity

Financial Reporting

Process Optimization

Financial Accounting Advisory

Buy & Sell-Side Due Diligence

Quality of Earnings

Team Continuity


Post-M&A Integration

IPO Readiness & Execution

Transaction Advisory 


Our goal is to protect what you care about most.

With a unique approach, we blend attentiveness and Big 4 expertise for impactful outcomes. No predefined boxes – scale as you need. Our strength lies in listening, understanding, and executing with focus. It's why clients are choosing Kinsman.


Say hello. 

Matt's passion is helping others attain their highest potential.

Matthew Masterton

Retired EY and Deloitte Partner, Captain of ships and planes, Grandfather of 13. Advisor & Hospitality.

Sandy Marger 

Retired Deloitte Partner. BP & EOG. Zero handicap golfer. 

Eric Rothe, CPA

Deloitte 11 years, industry 4. Father of 3. Profound understanding of finance, accounting, and people.

Andrew Pavluk, CPA

We all look up to Bryan. Partially because he's nearly 7 feet tall, mostly because he's an amazingly intelligent, calm, and thoughtful individual.

Bryan Knostman, CPA

in Touch

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